Monday, August 15, 2011

Hakushū Kitahara (25 January 1885–2 November 1942)

1906 Joins Shinshisha (New Poetry Association) at invitation of Yosano Tekkan. Publishes poems in Myōjō (Bright Star). 1909 Becomes one of the founding members of the literary magazine, Subaru (The Pleiades), where first collection of verses Jashumon (Heretics) is published. 1912 Omoide (Memories) evokes memories of the world from a child’s perspective. 1907 publishes 5 Pairs of Shoes together with Yosano Tekkan, Mokutaro Kinoshita, Hirano Banri and Yoshii Isamu. 1918 Joins Akai Tori (Red Bird) literary magazine at request of founder Suzuki Miekichi. 1919 Tonbo no medama (Dragonfly’s Eyes), Collection of lyrics for children. 1921 Maza gusu (Mother Goose) collection of his translations & Usagi no denpo (Rabbit Telegrams), collection of his nursery rhymes. 1922 Kodomo no kuni (Children’s Land), journal invites readers to submit children’s songs, Kitahara screens and comments. 1929 Midori no shokkaku (The Feel of Green), a collection of essays on children’s songs. 1929 Continues to experiment with style, and is inspired by classical Japanese literature (Kojiki), as seen in his Kaihyo no kumo (Sea and Clouds), inspired by a trip from Oita to Osaka by airplane sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun as a publicity stunt. 1935 Kitahara founds Tama, a tanka magazine, and becomes known as the spearhead of the fourth stage of the symbolist movement. 1940 Becomes a member of the japan Art Academy. 1942 Dies due to complications related to diabetes Today Every November in his hometown of Yanagawa a festival is held in his honor.

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